Flaaryr is the solo project of Diego Manatrizio (he/him),
an experimental composer, performer, guitarist and improviser born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1993 and based in Reykjavík, Iceland since 2019.

His music is strongly characterised by rhythmic experimentation, multilayered live looping and a thorough exploration of the timbrical and textural possibilities of acoustic instruments, electronics, everyday objects and the interaction between these elements.

Flaaryr’s work can be found in diverse forms. From intricate precise compositions to deconstructed club beats to fully improvised chaotic noise, delivering an intense live performance that is in a continuous process of transformation driven by curiosity and playfulness.

Besides his solo project, Diego plays in the bands dreymandi hundur and Hungría, and makes music and sound design for theater, dance and performance.
He is part of the art collectives Post-dreifing and Agalma from Iceland, Gandula from Spain and anomalía ediciones from Argentina.

Since 2014 Diego has constantly and consistently composed, performed, recorded and released with multiple projects.

After relocating in 2019 he got increasingly involved and active in the Icelandic music scene and has collaborated with local and international artists such as Magnús Tryggvason Elíassen, Tumi Árnason, Ægir Sindri Bjarnason, K.Óla, Guðmundur Arnalds, Carla Zimbler, Blanco Teta, Violeta García, Carola Zelaschi, Lucy Patané, Milagro de Catamarca, Fra Zedde, John McCowen, Takumi Motokawa, Korter í Flog, Supersport! among many others.

Through the years and projects he has released 17 albums, toured in Europe and South America and, most importantly, developed a distinctive way of composing and performing.

Deeply committed to DIY/DIT (Do It Together) dynamics, Diego’s involvement in Reykjavík music scene is also reflected in his role as organiser of cultural events and member of the artist-run venue

Acknowledging that -no matter how abstract- art can’t be fully separated from the social-political context of its creation, his work is shaped by these convictions.